Norma Shelly
Saratoga Regional
Save the Date!

District 3 returns to
Saratoga Springs!

The host hotel:
Saratoga Hilton
534 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY
(518) 584-4000

The full schedule will be listed in the April 2017 Bridge Bulletin.

More details will be available right here - check back in February!

June 5 - 11, 2017


There are more than 300 Units in the ACBL, apportioned into 25 geographically-defined Districts.  Each district has a representative on the ACBL Board of Directors.

District 3 serves eastern New York (except New York City), as well as northern and north-central NJ. There are seven Units that fall within the District.

Membership by Unit as of 9/30/2016:

Total Members
106 North Jersey Bridge Association 1234
115 Capital District Bridge Association 474
140 New Jersey
Bridge League
156 Adirondack 71
186 Dutchess County Bridge Association 205
188 Westchester Contract Bridge Association 1417
236 Hudson Valley Bridge Association 133
Total Members 6488

District 3 - NJ/NY Bridge Association, Inc.
"Bridge at its Best!"

Joan Gerard
Winter Regional
in Westchester

We're BACK!


Tarrytown, NY!

• new location
• new schedule
• new dates

• 6 days of
Golden Opportunity

January 23 - 29, 2017

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District 3 Board

• District Director: Carlos Muñoz
• President: Deborah Wasik
• Vice-President: Bill Maine

• Treasurer: Jeffrey Allen
• Secretary: Mimi Bieber
• Tournament Manager: Carol McMackin

• Tournament Coordinator: Steve Arshan
• STaC Coordinator: Joan Brody
• Youth Bridge: Barbara Clark, Betty Cox
• Education Liaison: Barbara Clark
• NAP Coordinator: Betty Cox
• GNT Coordinator: Farley Mawyer
• District Counsel: Ron Gerard
• Appellate Chairman: Ron Gerard
• Advertising Manager: Jeanine Kachele
• Recorder: Lee Ohliger
• Newplicate: Cheryl Porter-Garafalo
• Disciplinary Chair: Steve Shane
• Member: Lynn Baker
• Member: David Buchyn
• Member: Stasha Cohen
• Member: Linda Otness
• Member: Glen M. Perry
• Member: Michael Rogers
• First Alternate District Director: Brett Kunin
• Second Alternate District Director: John Hogan
• Board of Governors Representatives: Stasha Cohen, Betty Cox, Farley Mawyer
• Honorary Member: Glenda Calkins
• Honorary Member: Gerald Goodman
• ACBL Field Representative:
Marilyn Wells

• ACBL Field Manager:
Sol Weinstein

• Webmaster: Lynn Chapin

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Please contact Lynn Chapin,
District 3 Webmaster.
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