Message from the District Director
November, 2021
By Carlos Muñoz

The ACBL Board just concluded its Fall meetings in Austin Texas, looking forward to the first NABC in two years. The few Regionals held so far have met with reduced attendance but enthusiastic players and we are hoping for a steady increase in face to face (FTF) play as we conclude 2021 and move into 2022.

Following an expected gain of over $1,000,000 this year, the 2022 budget was approved with an expected loss of about $800,000, based on expected lower revenues as attendance gradually increases, and significant investment in technology to support a cashless tournament environment, pre–registration for tournament play and migration away from older platforms. Highlights of discussions and decisions of the Board include:

  • Teaching. The Introduction to Bridge course (designed to augment, not replace, teachers) held 40 sessions with 880 students, 86% of whom would recommend to friends and family, and 52% of whom plan to take additional lessons.

  • Membership. Down 11%, with substantial slowing of the rate of decline, which is expected to reverse by early 2022. Guest membership taken by 2500 so far, of which 857 converted to regular membership, and 573 are active. First membership is $29.

  • Bridge. A new convention card for all player levels has been developed and will be rolled out soon, with detailed explanations. In an effort to incentivize more FTF play, a one–time "Rainbow STAC" is planned for January 24–30 at FTF clubs ONLY in Districts 3,4,24 and possibly 25 – awarding gold, red and silver points. Other districts may do the same if held early in 2022.

  • Organization. Joann Glasson of District 4 was elected ACBL President for 2022. The first wave of new Regional Director elections has been completed, with seven Directors leaving as of January 1, and a resulting reduction of the Board from 25 to 20 (on the way to 13 by 2024). Future Charity Foundation grants will be approved by District Boards.

Due to Covid, our next District 3 Regional will not be until Fairfield next year, but our GNT final will be held online in January and the Rainbow STAC represents a rare and excellent opportunity to earn gold points for those of you who may have been reluctant to return to FTF play. Tell your friends!

Carlos Muñoz
District Director

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